北京赛车pk拾走势图: Unique Dance Classes in the Cape


We all know that dancing is good for your health, increases your lifespan and is quite frankly a whole lot of fun. But if you’re tired of the same old weekly Zumba classes and keen for something different, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of some of Cape Town’s most unique dance classes.


Nia is a dance form that combines fitness and wellness into a unique movement practice. It blends the fun and spontaneity of the dance arts, the fluid, organic movement patterns of the gentler martial arts like Tai Chi and Aikido, as well as the precision and power of Tae Kwon Do. The technique integrates the expansiveness of Yoga, and the mindfulness of functional movement therapies such as the Alexander Technique. Systematic principles, and each person’s connection to sensation, guides the technique of Nia.

Every class is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned Nia dancers and – as your goal is to connect with your own body – getting the moves “right” is not important.

NB Look out for Nia teacher Shelley’s summer classes in her Claremont garden. The next is this coming Sunday, 10 March 2019 at 5.15pm to 6.30pm. Booking is essential, please email Shelley at?[email protected].

Location:?Mon & Thurs: 9 – 10am?| Kirstenhof Dance and Pilates Studio, 14Windhover Street, Kirstenhof
Wed: 6 – 7pm |?Erin Hall, 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch
Sat: 9.30 – 10.30am | Kirstenhof Dance and Pilates Studio, 14 Windhover Street, Kirstenhof
Website:?movementmagic.co.za | Email:?[email protected] | Tel:?082 781 6089


Poi is a movement art that involves spinning tethered weights around the body in a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. It is a form of object manipulation that incorporates elements of dance, circus skills, and performance art. Learning poi helps develop – amongst other things – upper body strength and flexibility, full body coordination, dexterity, balance, spatial awareness, and rhythm. It also encourages mindfulness, self-awareness and the growth of confidence and self-esteem. Of course the ultimate reward, after a bit of practice, is lighting your poi and learning to master the art of fire dancing.

FireTribe offers?poi classes?to all levels.?Their lessons offer guidance through the basic?movements, explanations of the principles of planes, modes and patterns and an introduction to the local fire dancing?community.

The classes do not involve any fire. Practice equipment is available to borrow and/or buy for the first class, after which you will need to bring your own practice poi.

Beginners Classes:
Tues 7-8pm: Yoga Room, Observatory Community Centre, Observatory
Thurs 7.45-8.45pm: The Zen Studio, Blaauberg, Cape Town
Pre-Intermediate Classes:
Tues 8-9pm: Yoga Room, Observatory Community Centre, Observatory, Cape Town
Intermediate/Advanced Classes:
Weds 7-8pm: Hall,?Observatory Community Centre, Observatory, Cape Town
Tryout classes:? 12 March 2019, 7-8pm |?30 April 2019, 7-8pm
Other classes: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and master class series available – see website.
Advance booking is essential.

Website:?www.firetribe.co.za | Email: [email protected]co.za?| Tel:?061 317 3280


Launched in 2015, Paradiso Academy is one of the top dance studios in Cape Town to offer classes on Afro-Latin Social Dance. Dance styles conducted by a dedicated team of instructors include Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. Founders Reagan and Candi Christmas have between them over 15 years of dancing and teaching experience in eight countries. Beyond the social element, further benefits include fitness, improved body coordination and mind-body intelligence.

Paradiso Academy offers a Dance Program which deep dives into each of the three styles, promising to turn anyone into an awesome social dancer. They also offer drop-in workshops every Thursday, as well as fun dance social every Thursday night. The Paradiso dancing instructors are also afforded the opportunity of traveling and performing nationally and internationally. Their next adventures include Croatia, Switzerland, and Berlin! Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date with all their events and adventures.

Location: 2nd Floor, Buying Service Building, 47 De Villiers St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town
Website:?paradisoacademy.co.za | Email:?[email protected] | Tel:?021 461 3663


Soma Fusion Bellydance Company is the only dance school in Cape Town offering registered American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion classes, workshops and performances. Tribal Fusion is a Middle Eastern belly dance that fuses old style with modern techniques. Students are taught not only postural awareness, breathing, stretching and Middle Eastern and Arabic rhythms, but also costume-making, working with props, the history of the dance and how to play zils (finger cymbals).

Tribal Fusion Drills, Combos and Technique classes with Marissa and Nix takes place every Monday evening, and beginners classes with Yvette take place every Wednesday evening. These sessions are hosted in Woodstock.

Soma Fusion Bellydance also hosts a variety of classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at their Northern Suburbs studio in Uitzicht. All levels are welcome.

Tribal Fusion dancers generally wear yoga clothes and dance barefoot. The Cape Town dancing studio recommends leggings or something you can move comfortably and stretch in. Crop tops and hip scarfs are optional. Students are asked to bring a yoga mat or towel.

Beginners Classes:
Weds 13 Feb – 20 Mar 2019 7pm – 8pm
Intermediate Classes:
Mon?25 Feb to 29 April 2019 6pm – 7.30pm

Location: Curvespace, 25 Church Street, Woodstock
Website:?www.soma.co.za | Email:?[email protected] | Tel:?082 359 3333


If you’re looking for a unique way to stay fit, Diversify Dance studio?specialises in Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Contemporary, and Ballet classes aimed at both beginners and experts. The studio also provides exams, workshops, open classes, and competition preparation. Classes run from Monday to Friday, and are open to kids and adults of all levels.?

Diversify Dance’s founder and headteacher Corinne De Beer comes with extensive working and teaching experience locally and abroad. Corinne prides herself in creating a positive environment for students to grow as individuals as well as in their dance skill whether they’re dedicated to the craft, or just wanting a fun after-school hobby.

View Dance Schedule

Location: 30 Ophir Road, Plumstead, Cape Town
Website:?diversifydance.com | Email:?[email protected] | Tel:?0725939445


Dancing Divas, renowned for their dance classes aimed at women over 35, offers a fun way to build confidence while stepping up your fitness levels. The sessions are specially designed for the more mature dancer, from beginner to advanced ex-dancer level. You have the freedom of choice to decide when you are ready to level up.

The dance studio in the Northern Suburbs specialises in a variety of dance styles, from jazz-inspired routines to elegant ballroom and contemporary fusion dances. The Dancing Divas team update their choreographies regularly, so there should be enough variety to keep you excited and inspired. Special in-house dance festivals are held every three months to showcase what DDs have learnt in their classes. These events also provide students with a cosy space to celebrate the magic of dance with some attitude, a hat, or feathers for good measure.

Location:?Die Ateljee First Floor, Dione Lifestyle Centre, 28 John Gainsford Street, Brackenfell |?The Studio, 6 Chenoweth Street, Durbanville
Website:?www.dancingdivas.co.za |?Email:?[email protected] |?Tel:?082 460 7915

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  1. You may also want to try Bollywood Fitness. A combination of traditional Indian dance in a fun energetic cardio dance workout. We have classes every Wed 6:30pm and Sat 8am at the Cultural Hall, Rylands.

    It would be wonderful to provide our style with some exposure.
    Thx, Veena

    • Hi Veena,

      I would like to know more. Please advise on the cost, duration and address please. Also, fitness level required?


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