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sponsor an intern at What's on in Cape TownSince 2010 What’s on in Cape Town has nurtured over 65 interns, building on their individual skills, honing their abilities, and leading them to acquire new skills and new insights.

We would like to do more, but are currently unable to do so without sponsorships.

If you would like to help, either as an individual or a company, please get in touch with Daisy to discuss further.


Basic Internships

A basic internship is based full-time in the office, researching and writing up events and generally assisting the editors in every aspect of their work.
Sponsorship: R 2000 per month (full amount goes to intern)

Immersion Internships

Immersion internships involve a focus on one particular area: eg classical music.
As well as researching and writing up relevant events in Cape Town, interns have the opportunity to attend a multitude of shows and rehearsals, and to spend time behind the scenes of relevant organisations such as the teams who support the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Cape Town Opera etc.
In addition there are opportunities to experience Cape Town from a tourist perspective in order to broaden the field of view.

Sponsorship options
1) R6000 per month

– Sponsorship of one intern + costs towards mentoring and managing (R4000 to intern)

2) R10000 per month
as above, plus
– High profile advertising space on site (value +/- R4500pm)
– Ongoing social media promotion (value R1900pm)

3) R25000 per month
as above, plus
– Logo incorporated into all What’s on in Cape Town branding, incl. header of website etc (value R18000pm)

Please note that sponsored internships are open only to South Africans aged 18 to 35.

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