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Transitioning towards a lifestyle that is guided by sustainability and zero-waste is not only about shifting difficult-to-change habits. You can begin to conserve rather than consume through small changes in the products you use and where you source your food. We’ve put together a list of companies that are worth supporting– they are putting ease and convenience into conscious living.

Reduce your Plastic Use in Cape Town Coppa Wellness


Coppa Wellness founder, Anastasia brought copper water bottles to South Africa after spending time in India doing Panchakarma: an Ayurvedic cleansing system designed to detoxify and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. In Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘tamra jal’ and is known to balance the 3 doshas in your body.

These water bottles are not only an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic water bottles we briefly use and too-quickly replace, but they purify, ionise and alkalise the water they hold. Through ridding the water of bacteria and raising its pH level, these pure copper water bottles bring numerous health benefits to those who drink from them. These benefits include building the immune system, maintaining cardiovascular health, supporting weight loss, keeping your skin healthy and young, stimulating the brain, helping with arthritis and preventing cancer.

Simply leave the water to stand in the bottle for 6-8 hours in order to enjoy the benefits.? ?

Where: Online

Contact:?072 222 2191 |?[email protected]

Reduce your Plastic Use in Cape Town


NUDE FOODS is Cape Town’s original plastic-free grocery store, supplying Capetonians with non-GMO, locally-supplied and affordable whole foods as well as earth-friendly body and home products. Customers can purchase everything from beetroots and nut butter?to aluminum-free bicarb and grey-water-safe body wash.

Their high-quality, sustainable and delicious foods and products are all sold by weight, making it easy to buy in bulk or just enough for one recipe. Customers may choose to bring their own containers from home, make use of the free brown paper bags or purchase glass jars or reusable cotton and mesh dry-goods bags. The process is simple: fill, weigh, pay.

This ‘old-school grocery store with a modern twist’ offers an eco-friendly shopping experience as well as inspiration to reconnect with our food and consume with greater mindfulness.

Where: 5 Constitution Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town | Shop 22, Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands.

Contact: Cape Town?021 437 3003 | Newlands 063?694 0896 | [email protected]

Reduce your Plastic Use in Cape Town Joburg


Whilst we focus on the waste we create through product packaging, Eco Diva also reminds us not to forget about the microplastics that can be found within many of our beauty and self-care products.

Their Ecofoliant Skin Polish is microplastic-free and gently exfoliates with baobab seed powder, oats, and rice instead. It balances pH levels, assists in unblocking pores, encourages skin renewal and boosts circulation, without any negative impact on our oceans.

This month, Eco Diva is inviting you to create an express at-home spa treatment with their special offer gift pack: purchase their Face Wash and Face Cream and receive their Ecofoliant Skin Polish free (worth R385.)

Their range of skincare products are organic, unisex, chemical-, paraben- and sulphate-free, vegan-friendly, Beauty Without Cruelty certified and proudly made in South Africa. All Eco Diva products are soothing and assist in calming skin irritations, rashes or eczema.

#FLY (FirstLoveYourself)

Where: 115 Waterkant Street, Cape Town | Online

Contact: 021 200 5900 | [email protected]

Reduce your Plastic Use in Cape Town Bamboo


The Bamboo Project began after founders, Daniella and Dylan, witnessed the plastic pollution in Southeast Asia. They also came to realise that out of the billions of single-use plastic straws used daily, the majority of them are not included in recycling efforts due to their size and light weight.

It was out of the decision to assist in the change, rather than to sit in hopelessness, that The Bamboo Project came to be. They are now supplying South Africans with bamboo straws, bamboo spoons, coconut cutlery sets and coconut bowls – lightweight, durable and biodegradable alternatives to plastic cutlery.

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, it releases 40% more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants. The Bamboo project’s bamboo is sourced sustainably in Vietnam in panda-free zones. In the near future, they aim to source their bamboo locally.

Where: Online

Contact: 074 113 2652 | 082 850 3015 | [email protected]

Reduce your plastic use in Cape Town


Launched in 2017, Earth Warrior? was founded out of a love for wellness, the outdoors and respect for Mother Nature. Their yoga products, which include mats and yoga blocks are made from cork – a renewable, easily recycled and sustainable resource. ?They also stock cotton yoga straps as well as shampoo bars, deodorant bars and a variety of package-free and/or reusable products.

The fact that their products are cork make them non-slip, anti-microbial (resistance to mold mildew and bacteria), anti-fungal, water resistant and they repeal dust – perfect for allergy sufferers.

As a result of their view that human wellness should not come at the expense of environmental wellness, their products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and are made from natural materials. They aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics and to eliminate PVC from the planet one yoga mat at a time.

Where: Online | Based in Johannesburg

Contact: 083 256 1685 |?[email protected]

Reduce your Plastic Use in Cape Town


Intelligent Marketing t/a I Am Green is one of South Africa’s leading ECO gift manufacturers, offering a range of gifts and promotional merchandise tailored to a company’s specific needs. Their products include stationery, natural bags, laser cut wooden items, t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, trees packaged in biodegradable containers and the option of custom made items. Resellers distribute their products nationally and internationally.

Their product list includes over 450 items made from recycled, biodegradable or renewable content. I Am Green manufactures 96% of these items, resulting in a mere 4% being imported. This led to their Community Employment Programme, which equips individuals with skills and employment.

I Am Green believes that intelligent marketing means investing in quality marketing products as well as environmental and social sustainability. The future of our companies should not cost us the future of our environment.

Where: 1 Hely Street, Maitland, Cape Town

Contact:?021 5101 567?| [email protected]

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