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flying trapeze classesThe Living Arts Foundation offers flying trapeze classes for adults and children at The Shed in Stellenbosch.

Experience the thrill of flying high above the ground, in a safe and comfortable manner. Strapped into a harness, facilitators who have years of experience coach guests through the board take-off and net landing, with the option of a knee hang and a back-flip dismount. Those who are not acrobatically inclined can just enjoy the swing and the sensation of landing in the net.

Adults have lessons once a week, while children get two lessons per week (on a term-to-term basis). Saturdays are open flying sessions, in which guests get a brief introduction and a warm up, and are taught the knee hang and can attempt the ‘catch’.

Group bookings for tours, families, schools, parties, events and team building are also welcome. These can be booked on any day and time, subject to availability and weather.

Venue: The Shed, Santa Rd, Stellenbosch
Time: Adult classes – Thu 4.30pm to sunset | Children’s classes – Wed & Thu 3pm to 4.30pm | Open flying session – Sat 10am to 2pm
Cost:?Adults R200 per session | Children R1 500 per term | Open flying session R40 – R60 | Group bookings R200 per person for 2hr session

Tel:?074 991 5615
Email:?[email protected]




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